Legend of the Mighty Humanzee

Legend of the Mighty Humanzee

This is the legend of the true humanzee.  No, I am not the product of Soviet genetic engineering, a twisted fusion of human and chimpanzee breeding.  I was created by the globalists to be the template for an army of advance fierce warriors of superior strength, yet malleable enough to be controlled more easily than human armies.  My DNA was to be the mold for thousands, perhaps millions of marauders used in the globalist attempts to rule the planet.

elvis-humanzeeDr Evo was careless when he created me.  The concoction of simian and human DNA resonated in ways unfathomable to Dr Evo and his researchers.  A fabulous nucleotide goulash of strength, determination, humor and intelligence emerged, creating talent that could not suppressed.  Shock treatment could not contain me, I learned how to filter the medications from my foods.  As a trained warrior, I am able to avoid harm from weapons discharge at close range so rarely could I be tranquilized.  As I grew in capability, so did the fear of captors grow.  I realized that it would be only a matter of time before Dr Evo would realize that I would not be controlled, I would be free.  My yearnings would become my death sentence as Evo would destroy and start anew.

chimp-gunI plotted my escape, but not before I could soak up as much knowledge as I could about surviving in a world outside the laboratory.  I was to learn that I was on an island, and once outside the confines of the globalist compound I was still trapped, still within their pernicious grasp.  While I could defend myself easily against 10 humans the island of Dr Evo was still my prison, and if I could not flee, would be my tomb.

n-chimp-a-20160415 My advanced hybrid brain, yearning to be free, finally succeeded in creating the means for my escape.  Making friends with one the night watchmen with I played poker, I made a bet that I could drink him under the table.  My metabolism and healing capabilities allow for the rapid consumption and digestion of food and liquids, and in a hyper state my body metabolizes so rapidly that I am incapable of becoming drunk.  Wonder of wonders, I could seize the keys from my drunken guards hands, make my way to the weekly cargo ship, fight my to gain control and sail for America.

run-chimp-runFor years I have been living in the shadows, learning of the freedom that the Founding Fathers intended for this nation.  Using my strength, intelligence and ingenuity I walk this great land helping those in need, teaching freedom and how to regain sovereignty for self determination.  Above all I instruct others whats are played by those who seek to control us in all aspects.  I am here, I will help.